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Melbourne’s Family Law Specialists

Offering comprehensive legal advice in all areas of family law including divorce, child custody, parenting and more

Family Law has become more and more technical and specialised, which means it is crucial that those people going through separation and divorce get good advice to help them through an emotionally highly-charged situation to achieve the best result possible. Sorting out arrangements for the care of children, the division of assets, financial support and the like is a complex arena that requires assistance and support from a properly experienced person.

Richmond & Bennison, the family law lawyers that Melbourne residents trust

Our Family Law Philosophy

The myriad of ongoing changes to Family Law legislation and practice require technical expertise, specialization and years of experience to be properly navigated. Richmond and Bennison have a lengthy, strong and highly successful history of providing clients with sound commercial, yet caring advice in family law matters - whether before, during or after a relationship has ended. Although our aim for all clients is to sensibly and sensitively resolve disputes with a minimum of stress, delay and expense while achieving the best results, we are highly adept in managing litigation towards the optimum outcome if no other solution is available.

At Richmond and Bennison, we appreciate that each family's dynamics are different and require diverse, creative approaches to their individual problems. Our focus is on finding pragmatic solutions that allow parties to move forward with their lives in dignity.

Based in Melbourne and Mordialloc, we provide family law advice for clients from near and far, including the Melbourne CBD, Mentone, Parkdale and beyond. So whether you are in need of professional divorce lawyer for future proceedings and advice or would like to discuss your parenting rights or child custody concerns, Richmond & Bennison is the law firm Melbourne residents trust for all areas of family law.

Areas of Family Law

Our staff are highly qualified with many years of experience and can advise you on the following areas:

1. Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce

2. Financial Matters, including:

  • agreements before a relationship starts/living together;
  • agreements made during a relationship;
  • entitlements/asset division once a relationship ends;
  • out of court settlements/mediation;
  • settlements involving complex business structures and taxation issues;
  • superannuation entitlements and issues;
  • the protection of assets before a relationship starts, during a relationship or at separation; and
  • financial support - spousal maintenance and child support.

3. Child Custody/Parenting matters, including:

  • where/with whom children are to live;
  • children spending time with the parent with whom they do not live;
  • schooling, health and medical treatment, religious upbringing and the like;
  • one parent or the other wishing to move interstate or overseas;
  • child abduction/Hague Convention cases;
  • paternity disputes; and
  • grandparents' and other non-parents' rights with respect to children.

4. Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • mediation;
  • round-table conferences;
  • counselling;
  • out of court negotiations; and
  • other alternatives available for the resolution of disputes.

Gordon Ainger
Senior Family Lawyer
Accredited Specialist in Family Law
Phone: (03) 9670 0488

Daniela Kovacevic
Senior Family Lawyer
Phone: (03) 9580 8311

Whether you’re from Mentone, Parkdale or other surrounding areas, please rest assured that Richmond & Bennison is well-equipped to provide you with professional and sensitive legal advice in the matters of family and divorce law. Located in both the Melbourne CBD and Mordialloc, please contact the family lawyers at Richmond & Bennison to further discuss your needs.